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Thank you for your feedback


I recently reached out to everyone on our mailing list asking why they chose Yeppoonie Smoothie. The response was wonderful, I thank you one and all. :-)

I came across Yeppoonie Smoothies via Facebook Jacinta, you and Yeppoonie Smoothie resonated with me by the way you have personalised your
Facebook post and website.  You felt real - a human; wanting to produce a product to help yourself and in turn present it for the benefit of others.  You are not some corporate whose priority is for profits instead of the well being of
their customers. Your explanation on why you had produced Yeppoonie Smoothie – from something for yourself to how you decided to present it to others, how you manage it yourself as much as possible, you use Australian products and the products you use are natural.  All this was something that made me want
to know more and give Yeppoonie Smoothie a go. Being contactable was another reason I chose to purchase from Yeppoonie Smoothie – you had an
email address, a business address, a phone number and if I lived in Yeppoon, I could pick-up your product personally.  Once again you felt real … not someone sprooking a product with no way of contacting them if I needed help.
I had an item missing from my very first order – I emailed you, you answered and my missing item was in the mail immediately after ... there was no hassle, no interrogating questions, just a quick –“We will get it to you”.
I have ordered more products since and enjoy them with all sorts of frozen fruit, yoghurt, oats, etc.  Unfortunately I have not found a way to enjoy them without fruit ... sorry  - but the upside of this is; I now have more fruit a day than I ever have. Thank you for the time, effort and love you put into your product, thank you for presenting it to everyone and thank you for your time and efforts in producing different products for us to enjoy.
I also appreciate the Yeppoonie Smoothie Healthy Scoop facebook group as well.
Warm regards  :-)
PS:  I don't normally reply to Review or Survey requests, but somehow this email asking why I chose Yeppoonie made me want to answer you.  Maybe it's because I have appreciated your product is helping me to feel better, losing a little weight, (which may reflect why I feel better) and I am also
becoming more aware of what I am putting in my body since using Yeppoonie Smoothie.... thank you  
PSS: No need to give me any bonus for answering your question - I am truly happy to supply you with this feedback with No strings attached :-)
-Kerryn M

After seeing some avertisements for Yeppoonie Smoothies I decided to give them a go. I am 55 years old and try to be as healthy as possible but after a constant battle wih my weight and finding out I have Chronic Kidney disease (early stage), the only way to slow down this disease is to be as healthy as possible. 
So, I am using it for 2 reasons..... to hopefully help with weightloss and to be healthy to slow down this disease (my father died from CKD). So far I am really enjoying the afternoon blend. I add a frozen banana, a tblsp of Cacao, and some cinnamon 
- Kim W


I am loving that it’s all natural and that it’s Australian made. Both these things mean a lot to me. I read all the reviews,which were all positive. Plus I was looking to get some weight off. Am loving it so far.Thanks for bringing  a great product to our doors 

- Rhonda N

I was using lady shakes and decided to try the smoothie because I liked the idea of the all natural smoothie

- Kimarre

Healthy and nutritious, simply yummy thanks 

- CKimarreollette W

HI there, I chose yepponie for the whole food ingredients list, and the Australian owned aspect.

- Rhea 

Because it’s Australian made and is sugar and diary free. I like the ingredients used.

- Janelle B

I chose Yeppoonie Smoothie because I wanted something without the fake sugar and the sickly sweet taste. My favourite so far is the Good Afternoon Blend. 

- Loren J

I was looking to try a meal replacement shake predominantly for weight loss.  I am wary of what goes into my body as I have gut issues on the wrong foods.  I was looking for something that would give
me good minerals and vitamins as I am a very active 65 year old so I need to fuel but put on weight
very easily if I eat too much of anything.  The reason for choosing Yeppoonie was:
 All natural with no added chemical base
 Very Australian
 Yeppoonie seemed small growing business which is what I like
 It specified weight loss
What I have found is
 I enjoy having a shake for some of my meals.  I use coconut water, add some spinach,
avocado, nuts, berries – depending on what I have on hand
 I am feeling very good and energetic
 I haven’t lost any weight, but haven’t gained any either
Hope that helps, feel free to email or call, if you would like to know anything more

- Linda C


I didn't want a shake full of artificial sweetners... or any sweetners for that matter... I love that I can add fruit to get the sweetness I want.

- Sandy M

Hi. I chose your smoothie blend for the 3 reasons you mentioned in your request but mostly because there’s no artificial sweetener in it. I’ve not seen another like it. Sweetener makes me feel ill but I do need an easy natural meal replacement to lose some kilos before upcoming knee replacement surgery. Hope the postage is quick, I can’t wait to try

- Pam D


Hi Jacinta what drew me to your product is that it is all natural and being dairy free I thought it was worth a go.
I have been a customer since nearly 12 months.
Keep up the good work
And thank you for staying true to natural and Australian products.

- Melinda R



I started using your product for a few different reasons.(1): No artificial anything
(2): you’re an Australian company who provides personal after sales service.
(3): you donate
(4): your products don’t leave any nasty after taste and are filling and enjoyable to consume.
I’ve actually recommended your products to 2 friends. 

- Donna S


I have been on a weight loss journey since getting my stomach sleevedon 6/12/22. I have lost16kgs which happened pretty quickly. 
I was using Optifast VLCD shakes and Formulite bars. I tried some Formulite shakes but they were not very nice, with an after-taste. I was concerned about the large list of ingredients in Optifast, mainly the more chemical-sounding ones. And so, when I saw your ad (the one with the girl making porridge)
during playing a game on my mobile, I knew I had to check out Yeppoonie Smoothies. And they have been great! Filling, made with real food, and a pleasant after-taste. I have yet to lose any more weight, but that's just a matter of time. So, that's why I chose Yeppoonie Smoothies!
Hoping this helps.
Warm regards

- Catriona M


Amy S:
I wanted to support a local business, buy a product without any junk and low in carbs.

Lisa B:
Great question and I think a good opportunity to let you know I cannot stand artificial sweetener.
Doesn’t matter how you “dress it up” or call it “naturally sweetened”, it tastes like crap and I can’t drink
it. Yeppoonie smoothies taste amazing! No nasty sweeteners! I can add fresh and frozen fruits if I
want it sweeter and I can control just how sweet it tastes naturally! Thank you for this fabulous
product that is as promised.

Stacey M:
I chose this brand as I was so sick of all the weird and revolting tasting additives in other smoothies.
And truly while I don’t love the flavour of the Yeppoon smoothies I do love that they have the bare
minimum of ingredients, keep me full and seem great to use for smoothies

Alana D:
Firstly being an Australian made product.  I had been searching for a
product that was easy to have at breakfast time to help with making me
feel fuller longer and stomach bloat.  I think your product is wonderful
and has fulfilled all my needs and more.  I love that it is so easy to
prepare and tastes great.

Amanda N:

I chose it because it’s local. I live in Townsville. I suffer from gut health and digestive issues due to
sever endometriosis. I have put on a lot of weight due to being unable to be active because of chronic
pain and also having a very limited diet because endometriosis prevented me from eating so many
foods, yes even ones that are good for you.
I wanted to try a different protein to what was already on the market as they taste foul.

Shirley S:
Hello.  I saw your advert and thought "wow". It's vegan.  No nasty fillers. So I thought what have I got
to lose.  I first bought the sample pack to try.  I have upgraded to a large bag. They keep me full for so
long I am amazed.  Thanks for making a great product. 


Pamela P:
My reasons for choosing your brand of smoothies was the appeal of a natural Aussie product, & the
weight loss aspect too. 
I love the taste & thickness of the Morning blend & am becoming quite addicted to it. 

Ned C:
I have tried other meal replacements but I find that yours has the correct ingredients for me and i can
see results and the taste is excellent.

Kerri O:
I’m from Yeppoon born my mum lives around the corner from you and originally wanted to support
local grown.
Love the taste of the morning blend though

Lisa B:
I saw a Yappoonie Smoothie ad on Facebook and the first thing that grabbed my attention was that it
was made in Qld. So I read the ingredients and I was happy with that.
I was looking for something healthy to have on my way to work, as I don’t have breakfast at home. I
either have it at work mid morning or just don’t take it. I have found with Yappoonie that I am more
alert when I get to work and it keeps me full until I’m ready for lunch. Everything goes in my
Thermomix to blend and then into my thermal cup and I’m on my way. Really happy with the product.
Lisa Brownsey
Vanessa G:
Australian product and natural ingredients - was hoping they would taste great and they do. Love the
breakfast smoothie with green apple, celery and coconut water. So refreshing and a great way to start
the day 

Kloe B:

What drew me to yapponie smoothies was having another option to add to my diet that sat with the
goals I was looking to achieve.
These smoothies really help keep me on track as I’m doing the 16:8 fasting 5 days a week and I find
that on the weekends and the afternoons it helps to give me the nutrition I need to fill the gaps without
having to go to naughty foods, they are filling and easy to have on the run. I have 2 kids aged 4,5 so
life is chaotic as well as working full time.
I’m very proud to be able to  support a fellow Queensland family business as I’m a cairns local.
I would highly recommend your product to anyone!

Greg M:
Scott and I love Yeppoon Smoothie, using it as the common ingredient of our daily lunch smoothies
which are packed with local seasonal fruit.
Also we prefer to shop local and being fellow poonies we are delighted to be able to buy the Yeppoon
Smoothie blends from you.

Dawn S:
I chose Yeppoonie Smoothie because it’s all natural and contains the right ingredients. Absolutely
love the blends. Thank you so much for creating this cup of goodness.

Sue J:
My name is Sue Johnston and I’m the one who ordered your smoothie (Murray and I have just one
email address)
Murray wanted to drop some kilos and I need to as well. Friends had used Optifast so we tried that
first, but I hated the aftertaste. I had read reviews about your product and liked that it contained no
artificial flavours so thought I would prefer to try that instead.
We have only used it twice so far and we’re experimenting with different additions. We both think it is
a better option and I’m pleased that it’s a local product from a small business.
Congratulations on what you are doing.
Kind regards,


Kay T:
The reason I chose your Smoothie product is because I had tried other brands with dairy Whey as the
base and I always had a reaction of annoying flatulence; I don’t get that side effect with your protein
powder bases.

Gaynor W:
The fact that it would be a simple breakfast option for me, I use water rather than milk along with
frozen berries. Love the taste.

Laure N:
I recently got my first bag of smoothie mix .. I can’t believe once having it for breakfast with berries
mixed in .. I can go all day before feeling hungry .. have never found this with any other smoothies
that I have tried .. hoping to loose weight but still feel full all day .. will wait & see over next few weeks
Alex W:
Hi there,  I was looking for a smoothie enhancer that would mix well with frozen fruits.  I wanted to buy
from a small Aussie company.  I think yours popped up as an add.. and it appealed  to me.  I usually
just have one for breaky/ morning tea.  But week off then after a tummy bug I caught. Ready to get
back into my morning smoothies now though..
I do need to buy some more :). 

Donna S:
Firstly it’s made in Australia, doesn’t have that awful flavour you usually get from smoothies and I
wanted something palatable as a meal replacement for weight loss.
Lise Ballantyne:
I'm happy to say that I chose Yeppoonie Smoothies because it doesn't  have artificial sweetners and
because of the wholesome ingredients. 
I also loved that it is made locally.
I found it online because I got  portable blender as a gift and was looking for something to help me
loose weight.

What drew me to your products?  Well...I have chrons disease, hypo thyroidism and polycystic
ovaries .... Now I have other issues which are controlled by medication...
Back in 2019 I went in for a routine parastomal hernia repair (I have a permanent colostomy bag,
called Myrtle) I went home after a few days, but within a couple of days I was in excruciating pain...I
ended up being taken by ambulance back to the hospital, apparently I had an abscess inside of me,
which had burst causing near fatal sepsis. I was rushed back into surgery to be opened up and every
amount of mesh inside of me was removed, replaced, they found where the problem was and what
caused it, and I was in a drug induced coma for 8 days. My organs were failing.  My mum and my
partner were told that I possibly won't wake up.... Since then, how I have felt has been one hell of a
struggle.  In August last year I found a product, which helps to heal 'leaky gut' as I was told that's
probably what will happen, horrible pains and sluggishness .. I did a course of pro, pre, and post
biotics for six months to get my gut health happy.   I then went onto the lady shake...needing to lose
weight (which is hard for me) and because I don't absorb nutrients properly I thought this would help...
Boy was I wrong.  I ended up making myself feel very sick on it...it's supposed to be gluten and
artificial sweeteners free...but something was making my joints very sore, muscle aches and my
tummy feeling like I had a lump of glue in it and terribly bloated.  I felt horrible.  I was scrolling through
Facebook and I came upon your video... I liked the idea that firstly you are Australian and had
developed this because you yourself couldn't find anything suitable, you are totally additive free and
you are genuinely transparent and honest... I read some of the reviews, I thought to myself... I have to
give this a go...  I started I think..in may??? Around then. It took a couple of weeks, but....the
improvement in me has been astonishing... I am no longer feeling bloated and horrible ... I no longer
am suffering joint pain and the muscle aches are way better..  it's gentle on the tummy, although the
first couple of weeks, oh boy...can I say it lol. Fart!!!! Hooley Dooley. But we got through that. my diet
is Gluten Free, Nut free (except almonds) fish/shellfish, red meat, coffee, alcohol, artificial
sweeteners, chickpea and dairy free, although I can tolerate a little milk in my cup of tea, can't stand it
black!!  So my diet is limited to what I can eat....I start the day with your good morning blend, mixed in
with frozen berries and half a banana, some natural coconut yoghurt almond milk and blend.  It keeps
me full.  Lunchtime is either the afternoon blend or the East Trinity Cocoa Blend or it's a Qld Sunshine
Blend ....sometime I do make myself a salad n chicken wrap.. my tea is something veggie or salad
maybe with small chicken or if I have eaten for lunch sometimes it's a smoothie.   This obviously won't
work for everyone, but it does for me.   My hair and skin are so much healthier...I am even no longer
experiencing the floaters in my eyes..   so to answer your question what drew me to your product, the
hope that I would just feel better...and Jasinta I certainly do.   My family have noticed a difference in
me..I have more energy and seem a lot happier.
If I could hug you, I would.  
Thankyou for giving me my life back.

Tracey Shepard:
I was looking for a powder to boost my smoothies and loved the all-natural combo that Yeppoonie
Smoothies offers.
When I have a smoothie for breakfast, these powders certainly give me the boost I need to get
through until lunch without thought for anything in between! Plus, they’re all super-delish!
I gave the Study blend to my smoothie-loving niece before some uni exams. Lovely!
Also, the tropical ingredients make me feel like I’m in a warmer place throughout winter!

Donna M:

Apart from them sounding good I purchased the smoothies because I lived in Yeppoon for the best
part of my life and raised my kids there. One of whom has moved back there with her family.
I am enjoying the smoothies and will purchase a larger one next pension day.
Karen R:
The reason I choose Yeppoonie Smoothie is because it is made in Queensland and it is dairy free.
Angela M:
It was nice to see someone genuine selling a product,  after recently finishing treatment from Breast
cancer I'm looking for something with natural ingredients to help loose weight from the terrible steroids
they gave me during chemo. I haven't received my product yet but looking forward to my new journey


Apart from them sounding good I purchased the smoothies because I lived in Yeppoon for the best part of my life and raised my kids there. One of whom has moved back there with her family. I am enjoying the smoothies and will purchase a larger one next pension day.

- Donna M:


I decided to buy the smoothies because I was looking for a better option to loose weight. They appealed to me because they were dairy free and artificial sugar free. Also the fact that they made the claim to be thicker and keep you fuller for longer. Only been using for a couple of days but so far so good. 

- Sandra H


I was drawn to your smoothies because I wanted to try a smoothie that wasn't full of &^%&;.I have been having protein shakes for a while. They help me control my blood sugar level, but at the same time that would always make me so burpy. When I saw an ad for your smoothies and the ingredients I knew I had to try them. Well, I have and I love them. I am feeling so much better. Thank you. 

Lora W


I saw your product on Facebook and read all of the information, I like the fact the ingredients are all Australian you make the product in Australia and the company is Australian . 3 very large ticks right there. I have used other smoothies for weight loss at various times .. I am away from home at the moment so I am looking forward to trying them out when I do get home .     

 Carol N


Hi, I first saw your advertisement on Facebook, I decided to try them because I wanted to lose weight, I had been making my own, but time consuming and messy. I also noticed you are Queensland based, when I ordered, they arrived within days. Veronica J


 I  am enjoying Yeppoonie!  I chose to try it because of the natural healthy ingredients!  It is also an easy and healthy meal for my breakfast and lunch!  Thankyou!

- Priscilla H

I chose Yeppoon smoothies because they are healthy and have no added nasties, also me and my husband are trying to lose weight so these are a healthy meal option. We have only had a few so far really enjoying the taste very yummy.

- Jacqui B