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Our goal at Yeppoonie Smoothie is to provide a healthy meal option in smoothie form that can assist in weight loss and general wellbeing. 

Perfect for a quick and easy meal or snack, that is both satiating and beneficial to your overall health.  We add no preservatives, sugars, gums, artificial sweeteners or any other chemical nasties, often found in powder blends. Each and every ingredient was selected for a specific healthy purpose, not to artificially sweeten, thicken up the blend, or make it a certain consistency. 


Dietary fibre was one of our major focuses in our blend, most Australians do not consume enough dietary fibre. It is oh so necessary for weight loss!

Medical research over the last few decades has shown that a healthy gut environment requires a diverse mix of high-fibre foods to thrive.  In addition, fibre is generally overlooked in the weight loss journey. Protein, carbs and fat has garnered all the attention at fibre's expense!

Resistant starch is an important dietary fibre and a great source of this is green bananas. We include green banana starch in all our blends. Healthy Gut = healthy body and mind!

The recommended daily intake of dietary fibre in Australia is 25 grams for women and 30 grams for men. Our blends range from 7.2 grams to 11.8 grams per serve, so will greatly assist in increasing your fibre intake, particularly if you consume all three in a day. We recommend a slow introduction to build up your tolerance if you have not included a lot of fibre in your diet to date.