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Our Causes

We are a young business but believe in businesses giving back.  We do this by raising awareness of issues important to us, and contributing financially throughout the year to charities that do not receive government funding. 

Supporting the locals

Yeppoon is home to many turtle friends. Unfortunately all too often they find themselves on the wrong side of boat propellers, fishing line, and other numerous obstacles we humans put in their path.

Yeppoonie Smoothie will be undertaking initiatives to support local turtle rehabilitation organisations.

We recently donated to the Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre in Gladstone. They take in sick and injured turtles and care for them until they can hopefully return home to the sea. With no government funding, they depend on donations and volunteers. Drinking Yeppoonie Smoothies helps save the turtles!

Image courtesy of @Pete Atkinson:

The centre allowed us to name a rescue turtle and we chose the name Poonie! Here is Poonie's story:

Happy update from Quoin Island:
After 115 days in care, our Poonie was ready to go home. She was extremely weak when she came in, not able to keep her own head up. Her shell was very soft and she had a massive leech infestation. It took a long time for her to respond to her treatment and get strong and active again. While in care with us she gained 35 kg. She went back into the ocean weighing a whopping 150 kg!In the photo, our team that provided Poonie with around the clock care, from left to right: Caitlin, Emma, Sharne, Kim, Lexi.

Child Watch Phuket

As a former resident of Phuket, Thailand, for five years, Yeppoonie Smoothie founder Jacinta has chosen to give back to the community there y donating on a regular basis to a grass roots charity, Child Watch Phuket, which supports vulnerable children of incarcerated persons in Phuket. It is a great cause and they do an amazing and important job with the children.

Indiginous Literacy Foundation

We love this foundation, it was started in Brisbane by a bookstore owner, and now reaches many isolated communities where books and native language educational resources were not a given.  A percentage of proceeds from Study & Focus is donated by YS.






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