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Are these shakes for women or men?

The Yeppoonie Smoothie shakes are for every body, every day. Everyone needs the right blend of macros and usually more fibre, protein and probiotics in their diet. Whilst lots of shakes on the market are marketed to a particular demographic, everyone will benefit from the goodness and nutritional benefits in Yeppoonie Smoothie powders.  From children to the elderly... they are good for all!

How many servings per bag?

Officially there are 10 servings per bag (45gram per serve). A serving scoop is included with your order. One heaped scoop is equivalent to one serving size.  If you find the shakes a bit too thick you may add a smaller scoop - the morning blend in particular is quite thick...but very filling!  You will find it helps curb cravings and have smaller servings at other mealtimes. 

What are the ingredients and nutritional info?

Our ingredients are listed on the back labels along with the nutritional info.  Please refer to the 'Powder Info' link on the main menu for ingredients and nutritional info. FYI what we don't include is as important as what we do. There is no whey, no soy, no animal products, no dairy, no artificial sweeteners, no added flavour, no colouring or preservative added.

Do you ship everywhere?

We ship Throughout Australia, and overseas to New Zealand, Singapore, USA, UK.

How much is freight?

Delivery cost is $AUD9.95, delivery is free Australia-wide for orders over $AUD59.95 . Shipping to New Zealand starts at $AUD12 via Australia Post and USA/UK and Europe begins at $AUD20.

How is your product different from other smoothie powders?

There are lots of different nutritional powders on the market. Some are only protein powders, others are more vitamin based, some are just full of fillers with pretty labels. We have specifically tailored our blend to have a good mix of all three macronutrients Protein, Fibre and Carbohydrate, with a targeted blend of ingredients specifically for weight loss. Unlike other products, our ingredients are sourced entirely from Australian farmers. We don't add strange sweeteners, gums or fillers. And definitely no yucky stevia aftertaste!

Our goal when designing the shakes was to target weight loss ingredients through correct nutritional inclusions and also to provide energy.

Unlike most brands, we manufacture ourselves in small batches. Therefore we are not limited to the ingredients and formulas provided by contract manufacturing facilities. Yeppoonie Smoothies are original and different!

We only include Australian grown ingredients. Many companies are Australian-owned but use all foreign ingredients. Most of the time we deal directly with the farmers who grow the ingredients.

What's the difference between the blends and why were they designed this way?

Good Morning Blend
Whilst all our blends have ample fibre per serve, we deliberately focused on maximum fibre for the morning blend, as not only is fibre great for your gut health,but it also keeps you feeling full for longer. Fibre is also a macronutrient that most people in Western countries do not consume
enough of.

Protein is popular, fibre is ignored. As Michael Gregor MD stated in his book, 'How not to diet,' "there is zero fibre in meat, dairy, or eggs and typically little or no fibre in junk food. Therein lies the problem."

A good fibre start to your day can enable you to eat smaller portions at snack time and other meal times and still feel satiated.

White toast and jam with a cup of coffee is tasty and will wake you up, but it is not offering you the full nutritional benefits that a breakfast high in fibre can offer you.

This is our thickest blend and the nutty flavour profile is a nice start to the day.

So if you want to have a good fibre start to your day, the Yeppoonie Smoothie morning blend is a great place to begin. Oh, and the fibre per serve is 11.8grams, nearly 3 times as much as some popular supermarket brands
spruiking their high fibre count!!

Good Afternoon Blend
This blend is great as a lunchtime alternative or to tackle that mid-afternoon slump instead of reaching for a packet of biscuits or a sugary dohnut.

Flavour-wise we add cocoa (naturally grown near Cairns) as it gives a little caffeine hit and it just tastes nice! A little bit of quality cocoa is great for a myriad of health reasons from serving as an an antioxidant to helping reduce blood sugar spikes. You get your chocolate fix without the spike. Win win!

With the highest amount of vegan protein, grown in Australia of course, our lunchtime blend ticks the 20grams at lunchtime box. Again, this helps contain blood sugar level spikes and keeps you full for longer.

Good Evening Blend
Remember those evening when mum or dad heated up a cup of Horlicks malted milk for you as a pre-bedtime indulgence? This inspired our malty-flavoured evening blend. It is has a very earth, malty flavour profile and just like a Horlicks can be heated up on the stovetop. Malt also has a myriad of health benefits, we think it is time for malt to make a comeback. Just to name a few it contains magnesium, fibre, potassium, folate, and vitamin B6. Great for your gut health and will help you have a good night sleep too.

Can I consume whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

There are no ingredients that are harmful to pregnant or breastfeeding mums or babies. However you you should always run any concerns past your health care advisor if you have particular dietary or health issues.

Is it good for me if I have diabetes?

Yes! Firstly the powders, if consumed over time and assuming other parts of your diet are well balanced, will help you lose weight. Secondly, the ingredients assist in maintaining your blood sugar levels. Resistant starch helps reduce spikes in blood sugar. Great if you tend to have that 3pm sugar craving even if you are not a diabetic. Make a nourishing Yeppoonie Smoothie shake instead!  I (Jacinta) had gestational diabetes which I controlled with diet alone, no insulin.

Can I buy your product in store?

At this stage Yeppoonie Smoothie is only available online.  However, if you live in or near Yeppoon you are welcome to collect. Just message first to ensure we are available. EFTPOS is available upon collection.

What is the texture of the smoothie?

Yeppoonie Smoothie is a healthy meal option in smoothie form that can assist in weight loss and general wellbeing. Perfect for a quick and easy meal or snack, that is both satiating and beneficial to your overall health. We add no preservatives, sugars, gums, artificial sweeteners or any other chemical nasties, often found in powder blends. Each and every ingredient was selected for a specific healthy purpose, not to artificially sweeten, thicken up the blend, or make it a certain consistency. 

How often are the large bags sent out when purchased via subscription?

It is applicable to all 450g bags of smoothie powder only. The good thing here, is that you can cancel or pause anytime! Just let us know right away. 

Can I add one more bag even if I’m on a monthly subscription? Can it just be a one time purchase or can it be add monthly as well?

Yes! You can add one more bag of any blend you like. And yes! We have an option of one-time purchase or added for every month so that we can cater to your needs! 

Can I mix the blends with water?

We mix them best with almond milk. Coconut water and nut milks as opposed to dairy can be used as an alternative. Some people use water. 

Which blend has the gluten?

Only the Good Evening Blend has gluten. Our nighttime blend's malty flavor was influenced by this. It may be warmed on the stovetop, much like a Horlicks bar, and has an extremely earthy, malty flavor profile. Given the numerous health advantages of malt, we believe a resurgence of malt is long overdue. It contains magnesium, fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamin B6, to mention a few. Excellent for the health of your digestive system and will promote restful sleep. 

Is it dairy free? Sugar free?

Our smoothie powder ingredients are listed here on the back labels along with the nutritional info. FYI what we don't include is as important as what we do. There is no whey, no soy, no animal products, no dairy, no artificial sweeteners, no stevia, no added flavour, no colouring or preservative added. But you can check on our ‘Ingredients & Info’ section on the website which you can check for each blends for their ingredients.

How do we contact Yeppoonie Smoothie?


HQ: 20-22 Mary St, Yeppoon QLD 4703

tel. +61 402 23348

ABN: 70 668 325 059