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Newsletter 1

16 January 2023


Greetings from normally sunny Yeppoon, although as I write this we are in day 5 of almost non-stop rain!

Welcome to my first paper newsletter which I hope to make a regular monthly edition!

As some of you are a first time recipient of Yeppoonie Smoothie, I thought I would share some info that will be of use. I know many people have tried and tested lots of different powder formulations on the market, with differing success. I also know that the Yeppoonie Smoothie powders are vastly different to the other powders on the market. From my general observation, this is because most powders are made in contract manufacturing facilities, where they tend to draw from the same ingredient pool, which is usually:

- a protein source eg. whey (dairy) or pea (plant),

- a flavour, eg. vanilla,

- a sugar substitute, eg. stevia or monkfruit

- chemical additives such as stabilisers or gums

As I manufacture in my small but expanding factory, I am free to choose from any ingredient which is available on the market. 95% of my smoothie ingredients come directly from the farmers who grows the nut, seed or legume. I was born and raised in the town where Faba beans, one of my key ingredients, are grown and now processed into a protein powder there (Horsham in Victoria). This is one of the ingredients I don’t buy directly from the farmer, however I do know the provenance of the ingredient and where it is processed, so this is great too.

As I only use natural ingredients and no flavours, sweeteners, gums, stabilisers etc, the taste may not be what many are accustomed to, as far as powder drink blends go. Thus it helps to use dairy or nut/oat milk, plus banana or honey if you need, to sweeten to your preference – which is an individual thing. The benefit of the subtle flavours in my blends means you are not competing against an overpowering stevia or other component. As you become used to consuming a natural diet, you will begin to appreciate these subtle flavours...in my experience.

Also some of the ingredients in the blends are not ground to a fine dust or chalky substance, for example the flaxseeds and some of the nuts. So you will notice a grainy element. I personally like this as I believe it gives some substance to the blends, and helps to keep you feel full too. If you do find the blends too thick, you can use less powder and more liquid, this is particularly the case for the morning blend!

On another topic, I am going to be implementing a subscription program shortly as I am receiving a lot of repeat customers. I would like to support and reward those using Yeppoonie Smoothie on their health journey in a meaningful way. Thus I will bring the price down to $39.95 for those who sign up to the subscription service. More on this soon – keep an eye on email/Facebook/website!

Last but not least, I am also implementing a health program for those who would like extra and personalised advice on diet and exercise. This will be in conjunction with Sarah Cartwright whom I have known for a number of years. She has run similar programs in Hong Kong where she was living for most of her life. Now based in Yeppoon, Sarah is well qualified to assist YS people on their journey and I shall be involved also of course.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries via any of the contact methods on the website!

Have a great day!

Jacinta Plazzer