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The YS story

I'm Jacinta and I've been experimenting with powders and blends for many years (said no one ever!). My first foray was 24 years ago, when at the age of 23 I decided I needed to do the Dr Sandra Cabot Liver Cleansing Diet which was in vogue at the time.  It was a great cleanse, but hard work for a 23yo with a shady diet! 

As well as quitting smoking, for eight weeks I refrained from all alcohol, dairy, and processed foods, and was introduced to, among other things, LSA (Linseeds, Sunflower seed and Almond...not to be confused with LSD!). From making my own nut milks before nut milks were readily available, to mixing cereals and seed blends to make my diet more nutritional, that eight week change-up led to a practise of healthy eating that I have carried with me throughout the decades.

Jacinta - Owner - Yeppoonie Smoothie

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 2009, when pregnant with my second daughter. Rather than medicate with insulin, I opted to manage the diabetes with diet alone.  I was regularly monitered by the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, and required to check my blood sugar levels whenever I ate. I became an expert on foods that affected blood sugar, and in time knew what was in and what was out! Interestingly, I had never been so fit and energetic in my life, as I was during that pregnancy. The power of good nutrition! The ingredients in my blends are similar to what I consumed then.

A few years later I was living in Thailand and I started drinking more smoothies and protein shakes.  Refreshing, light and easy, they became a regular part of my diet and a preference to a cooked breakfast or heavy lunch.  It wasn't until I returned to Australia in 2021, that I really appreciated the access to high quality and innovative ingredients our Australian farmers are producing. Nothing this good is available in other parts of the world. Everyone is raving about superfoods from South America, whilst we have truly super food growing right in our backyard.  And the added benefit of Australian grown, is you can be sure there are no truly nasty pesticides sprayed on crops, the likes of which are still used liberally in second-world economies.  Who knows what is sprayed on a lot of the so called superfoods we buy from developing countries? But that's another story!

My product base started with an amazing protein powder which is made from legumes grown in the Wimmera region in Victoria where I grew up. In fact, the factory happens to be in my hometown of Horsham. This protein is made from Faba beans and has a very high protein percentage with a rich blend of Amino Acids.  It is far superior to Whey protein, which is a dairy by-product and not ideal, especially if you are even slightly lactose intolerant. From Faba in Horsham to Green Banana Starch from Queensland, I have been on a great journey sourcing the best ingredients to make up my smoothie blends. All my powders are 100% made from Australian-grown ingredients, which I source directly from Australian farmers (except the Faba protein which I buy from the Brisbane wholesaler!)

My hope is that by adding my smoothie powders to your diet, and perhaps replacing some of the non-ideal meals with smoothies, you will enjoy better health and feel more comfortable in your skin!

I chose not to outsource the manufacturing as I wanted complete control over ingredients and the process. I really love bringing the ingredients together, grown all over Australia, and sending the combined goodness to my lovely customers throughout Oz (and some overseas!!).

Wealth and wisdom are great, but without your health they are futile.

Take care, and thank you for supporting a small Australian business, Aussie farmers, and the turtles. 😊💚🐢

Jacinta x