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How to best use Yeppoonie Smoothie as a meal replacement.

by Jacinta Plazzer on March 24, 2023

One of the questions I am frequently asked is, how can the blends be best used as a meal replacement? My answer is simple, for weight loss I recommend replacing two meals with shakes, for nutrition and well being, you probably just need one. One is good for maintenance after you have lost the weight. Also great for busy people as a meal on the run, don't neglect your nutritional needs.

Some people want to go all the way and replace three meals with shakes. Personally I think this is too difficult to stick to, you find yourself craving solid food and this constant craving is what you want to avoid when you are on a weightloss journey. You don't want or need to be denying yourself. I advise if you are hungry, you can eat, the powders are low calorie for those counting. Although one thing to keep in mind is, are you really hungry? Sometimes hunger can be confused with dehydration and you just may need some water or herbal tea. When you add more fibre to your diet, which you will be when using Yeppoonie Smoothie powders, you need to keep your fluids up.

Also, comfort or emotional eating is not usually tied to hunger, so try to ensure you have a range of healthy snacks on hand so you don't automatically reach for the Tim Tams! Some snack ideas are grapes, plums, hommus or vegetable dips, cut up celery, radishes and carrots for dipping, crackers made with seeds topped with tomato and pepper, boiled eggs, almonds, walnuts or a trail mix. Stay away from the middle aisles of the supermarket, the good stuff is on the perimeter...hello fresh food section!

You can have breaks too. If you can't have shakes every day that is fine, just do as many days in a week as you can. If you have some unhealthy days, so be it. Don't get caught up in 28 day (for example) health challenges. Healthy eating is not just a 28 day or 6 week event, it is an ongoing challenge you will face your entire adult life, and the implications will determine your quality of life until the end. This is one of the reasons why so many fad diets fail...the weight is lost and then people return to old habits...as they say old habits die slow!

So back to meal replacement, I designed the powders so they made shakes that fill you up. They are not made with gums and emulsifiers like other powders. Therefore they don't dissolve the same way in water. This is why I advise making them in a blender, I love my Nutribullet. I recommend adding berries for extra antioxidants and a little banana or honey/maple syrup if you need sweetener, as I don't add any sweeteners or sugars to the powder blends. Make them like a cafe style smoothie.

Unless you are doing a lot of exercise, the smoothie powders will keep you full. If you are doing frequent and strenuous exercise, you will feel hungrier and need more food. I recommend walking to aid weightloss. It is also great for your peace of mind, and getting out in the fresh air stimulates you and is addictive...a great habit to get into to replace the old habits you are trying to kill off!

I hope this is helpful and answers some of your questions, contact me if not.

Cheerio, Jacinta ☺🌊🌞



by Doreen Cunningham on January 31, 2024

Hello. I really enjoy Yeppoonie Smoothies. I’ve placed two orders now the second being (Morning Blend, Qld Sunshine blend and east Trinity Cocoa blend) and have found them to be really nice. I don’t have them every morning but make sure I replace one meal each day with either one. Very filling also and keep you regular. To make things even better I’ve lost four kilos. I’m not out to be super slim but just to have my clothes fit with ease. At 71 I’ve found it’s not hard to loose some weight being on these smoothies. Highly recommend Yeepoonie Smoothies. 👍🏼😊

by Sarah Scott on January 31, 2024

I have been using as a meal replacement but not consistently, but I’m hoping to change this next year.
I’m off to West Australia from 12 Dec and will take the yepoonie with me.
Will maybe share with my daughter!

by Tricia on November 09, 2023

Re using milk I personally use half water and half light A2 milk, a few mixed berries and half a banna it’s delicious .
To limit milk I try and only have one coffee(cappuccino) if I fancy another I have it black or just have a tea!
Best powder ever 🥰

by Jan Maxwell on May 27, 2023

When you say smoothie can you mix with milk

by Beverley Franklin on May 27, 2023

Many thanks for your prompt reply. Much appreciated.

by Barb on May 27, 2023

I purchased these shakes as I have tried shakes before, however being an IBS sufferer and other issues, they always played up on me and left me bloated and sore.
Over the last 8 weeks I have a smoothie either for breakfast or lunch, mix in some frozen fruit and a tablespoon of Greek yogurt and blend away with a 50/50 mix of milk and water.
Today I am feeling healthier and down 6.5kg.
I have more energy, sleep better and want to get out more. A real confidence boost.
100% recommend Yeppoonie Smoothie!

by Jacki Frodt on May 27, 2023

Thank you for that information I’m waiting for my order to come 😊 I will be using for weight loss and luckily I have a NutriBullet to blend with I have been doing isagenix for the last year and have found I am bloating a lot and actually not losing any weight just stagnating


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