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Nutrition in a Nutshell

by Jacinta Plazzer on December 08, 2022

The definition of nutrition in the Oxford dictionary is: "the process by which living things receive the food necessary for them to grow and be healthy."  It is so simple, yet somehow we have complicated the concept of nutrition in the last century.  The constant addition of new diets, from fat free, to low GI, no carb, to Keto, has truly bamboozled everyone so much that we don't know what is good for us anymore!  

Looking at the definition itself, "the food necessary", is an important point. What is necessary?  Well as food is for energising the body, and the requirements for such energy are the macronutrients which are carbohydrates, fats and protein, then foods with these macronutrients are necessary for a nutritious diet. 

But there are many popular diets that focus on no carbs, or no fat, or all fat, or only protein. Well, if the diet you are focusing on is cutting out one of these crucial macronutrients, which is required by your body for fuel, then you can make an assumption that this is not a healthy diet.  Just because a diet is popular and every second person is doing it, even with visible results, does not mean it is a healthy diet in the long-run. 

Balance is key, natural products are important (i.e stuff that grows!), look for good fats (think almonds and avocados), complex carbohydrates (grainy breads), and quality protein sources (legumes, fish and poultry). Throw a handful of mixed salad leaves with some balsamic vinegar & olive oil onto your plate, next to whatever you are eating, or even into your smoothie. Soon you will become accustomed to the fresh greenery and miss it when you don't have it.  Little changes are all it takes over time, you don't have to amend your entire diet dramatically overnight. In our recommended book section, 'The Tweaking Diet,'  is a great read to learn about the small gradual changes you can make over time to achieve long term health and nutrition goals.

Speaking of nuts, we have a complete guide on the nutrition benefits and unique characteristics of 9 different non dairy milks, 6 of which are derived from nuts.

Where does Yeppoonie Smoothie fit in to this? Well, we deliberately focus on balanced and decent quantities of the three macronutrients, although we are low on carbohydrates, with a bit more protein and fibre, as we are focusing on weight loss.  You can consume all three smoothies during the day, or you can just have one if you prefer to have some non-smoothie meals. You should do whatever is right for you depending on your nutrition and health goals. It's certainly easier to make smaller changes over time, however you will see faster results if you make more dramatic changes, and results are a powerful motivator.


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