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Smoothies as a daily ritual

by Jacinta Plazzer on March 08, 2023


At Yeppoonie Smoothie HQ in Yeppoon, we don't just make and sell smoothie powder, we also drink smoothies daily at work. It has become a routine that at about 11am each day we down tools (be it in the factory or the office) and whip up a smoothie in the Nutribullet. We use different smoothie blends, and fruits and milks, depending on what is available in the fridge or what powder we have on hand.  As I write, we are enjoying the Good Morning smoothie blend with almond milk, fresh mango and banana.

Things tend to be pretty busy between morning and after school pick-up at 3pm, and generally there is no time to have a proper lunch. Fortunately the smoothies and a handful of nuts is usually enough to keep us going until later in the day.

It may not seem like a lot of food, but for the level of activity we are doing, and often we are sitting at our computers, it is enough to provide the energy and nutrition we need.  I read an article once that said people are literally eating themselves to death. I thought it sounded rather drastic at the time, but with the increase in chronic illness affecting the population, it is sadly not far from the truth. Chronic illness is generally caused by food and lifestyle choices. If you are not running marathons, you probably need to consider the quantity of food you are consuming.

Once you get into the habit of replacing your large, heavy meals with smoothies, it actually starts to become a nice and healthy ritual, and really easy and convenient too.  The Yeppoonie Smoothies are designed to keep you full and stop your cravings, so in time you will not desire big heavy meals, in fact you will wonder how you ever ate them!  Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance regarding incorporating smoothies into your day. :-)


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