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Healthy ingredients in our smoothie powders

by Jacinta Plazzer on December 30, 2022

Smoothies have always been known as these delicious and filling drinks many of us would love to indulge in. And it’s become easier with smoothie powders, adding convenience to the routine.

However, being tasty isn’t enough; they have to be good for you as well, right?

Table of Contents

1) Not all smoothie powders are the same

2) Why smoothie add-in powders can be good for you

3) Healthy powders to put in smoothies

4) The 10 healthiest smoothie powder ingredients

5) Things to avoid in a healthy smoothie

6) Final Thoughts

You see, not all smoothie powders are the same. You have to ensure you’re not wasting your bucks on determining what powders to put in smoothies; that they are not overly processed and padded with dubious ingredients like gum, chemical sweeteners, colourants, and additives.

That’s why you must pick out those truly rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that will only do you good. They make a world of difference from low-quality smoothie powders which could impact your health and body negatively.

Why smoothie add-in powders can be good for you

The great news is that a healthy smoothie powder can be a powerful tool to make positive changes to one’s body. Many health-conscious individuals use smoothies to manage their weight and supercharge their nutritional intake. Its customisability allows you to access specific nutrients that your regular food may lack to achieve a balanced diet.

Powdered smoothies also provide you with food on the go, serving as meal replacements, especially for busy individuals. Even those recovering post-surgery who cannot consume solids for the time being, will benefit from the complete nutrition smoothie powders offer. At the same time, these portable and versatile beverages can supplement weight loss efforts and maintenance programs.

So, does that mean you can drink your way to a slimmer waist?

With the right ingredients and appropriate amounts, there is no reason you cannot. With a good balance of fats, carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals, powdered smoothies can help manage cravings and improve bowel movement.

If these things go awry, they often contribute to unwanted weight gain.

Other benefits you can get from drinking smoothies include boosting the immune system, curbing sleep disorders, controlling mood swings, managing nutrient deficiencies, and balancing hormones.

Healthy powders to put in smoothies

Smoothies can be as simple as having two ingredients: powder base and liquid. The powder base is crucial to the health aspect of your drink since it will contain the key nutrients you want.

Anything you add to it from thereon can either boost or cancel out its healthful properties.

Depending on your goals and taste, you can bring smoothie powder add-ins to the mix, like fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, vegetables, probiotics, and basically anything you want. But of course, if you want to stick to your health objective, you should be extra picky with them.

Below are 10 of the healthiest smoothie powder ingredients that support weight loss endeavours and elevate overall wellness.

1. Brown Flaxseed

What is brown flaxseed?

Health buffs know brown flaxseed as this superseed, being a staple in many foods. It originates in a flax plant and is cultivated globally given its useful properties. Before, its inherent fibre was also being harvested for textiles to manufacture clothing. Hence, you cannot only eat flaxseed but also wear it. But since cotton took over, the plant itself has concentrated on producing seeds you can consume on their own. Brown flaxseed can also be cold-processed to release its oil which has several applications that are just as beneficial as the seeds themselves.

Why you should include brown flaxseed in your powders to put in smoothies

Brown flaxseed has a mild nutty flavour that compliments fruits and other smoothie add-ins. Aside from its taste profile, it boasts low-calorie and low-fat content, which is ideal for managing weight and blood sugar. Taking it in ground form is better because it is more digestible, which means you get all its benefits.
Including ground brown flaxseed in your smoothie powder can help individuals control weight. A tablespoon will only have 3 grams of fat at roughly 40 calories with 2 grams of dietary fibre. Even with a small serving, it can easily satisfy one’s hunger. Thus, it curbs appetite while supplying the right amount of nutrition to your body.

2. Faba protein powder

What is faba protein powder?

Faba protein powder is an excellent plant source of high-quality protein, which makes it a clean choice for vegan dieters. It comes from the beans of Vicia faba, a springtime crop, which one can consume either raw, cooked, preserved, or dried. Faba beans have been a part of the Middle Eastern diet since the 4th century. Given their mild and neutral flavour, they can pair with many dishes; hence, their usage has spread across many other international cuisines. These legumes are typically shelled and blanched before cooking.

Faba beans have a growing global demand due to their sustainable cultivation methods since they don’t require fertilizers to grow. In fact, they fix nitrogen by leaving some in the soil after their harvest, extending its viability to new plantations.

Why you should put Faba protein powder in smoothies

Faba beans are often associated with weight management and body immunity, among other health benefits. They boast 88 percent plant-based protein and have teeming amounts of essential amino acids and antioxidants. The peptides they release after digestion have shown anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects. As such, this protein powder makes for a topnotch fitness and health maintenance supplement.
While faba protein powder in smoothies may be a great protein alternative for vegetarians, those who have to observe a low FODMAP diet should skip it because of its high amount of oligosaccharides. As such, you can further consult your physician if you want to pursue this smoothie powder option.

3.  Golden sweet potato powder

What is golden sweet potato powder?

There are several sweet potato varieties, one of which is the golden sweet potato. It is in the same family as yams, both starchy edible crops. Sweet potato variants are characterised by their particular colour. Golden sweet potatoes range from yellow and orange, have copious amounts of fibre and beta-carotene, and host powerful vitamins like vitamins B, C, and D, as well as minerals. They are generally considered moist crops that can break down starch into sugar, lending an earthy flavour to a filling meal or drink.

Why you should add sweet golden potato powder to your smoothie

Although sweet golden potatoes have many similar nutrients as regular potatoes, they have a much lower glycemic index, or the measure of impact on blood sugar which diabetic individuals must watch out for. This is why they are great smoothie powder add ins, not to mention they also have higher vitamin A content. They complement other ingredients that support weight loss by providing complex carbohydrates without increasing blood sugar levels. Moreover, sweet golden potatoes boost natural immunity, which is always a good thing.

4. Green banana starch

What is green banana starch?

Green bananas often play second fiddle to their sweet yellow versions since they are unripened and have a slightly bitter flavour. The green ones, which are firmer and waxier, are actually much more healthful and, therefore, more beneficial. They are rich in prebiotic resistant starch, or molecules that act like fibre. They avoid digestion in the small intestine and allow fermentation in the large intestine. This makes for their prebiotic nature, feeding good bacteria in the gut, which is the best way to reap health benefits from food.

Why having Green banana starch in your smoothie powder is a great idea

There are even more reasons that green banana starch would be a great addition to your delicious smoothies. Typically, starches break down into glucose, which is why regular carbs are not good for diabetic and pre-diabetic customers. In the case of green banana starch, it doesn’t raise glucose levels since it is fermented, not digested. Thus, it stabilises blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity, impacting diabetes and obesity. Green banana starch has high fibre as well, which makes it filling. It also signals satiety to the body’s leptin hormones, thus helping in weight management.

5. Yacon Powder

What is yacon powder?

Yacon root, or Peruvian ground apple, is a naturally sweet vegetable native to Ecuador and Colombia. It can be eaten raw and often mixed in a fruit salad by Andes natives. Yacon plant grows tall, with arrow-shaped leaves and little sunflowers, and thrives in warmer climates. Like green banana starch, yacon is also indigestible, producing a prebiotic action desirable for digestion and immunity. When it starts to wither, the magic begins whereby its sugars turn into fructose, making it a natural and intense sweetener.

Why yacon powder is good for you

Yacon powder is making a case to be a part of your smoothie lifestyle; here’s why. It checks almost all the marks of a superfood, such as being a natural prebiotic, an immunity booster, a blood pressure regulator, low in calories, and many others. These abilities support weight control and strict diabetic requirements. The yacon root is great at handling oxidative stress and is highly recognised as a treatment for diabetes-related issues.
As an excellent sugar alternative, its undigested sugars are ideal for those on a sugar watch, such as pre-diabetics and diabetics. It enables you to have a smoothie that is not only healthy but also refreshingly enjoyable.

6. Almond flour

What is almond flour?

Almond flour is a great accompaniment to superfoods that healthy-eating enthusiasts are no strangers to. It is created out of peeled and blanched almonds, pulverising them into a fine powder, serving as an alternative to wheat flour which some people have allergies to. It provides a light sweetness and a hint of bitter taste giving it a unique punch. The fat content from its healthy oils makes for tastier and more moist bread and other baked goods. The fact that it almost has zero gluten appeals to those with specific dietary preferences and, more importantly, people with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Why you will want almond flour in your smoothie powder

We love our smoothies nice and thick, but without the dreaded carbs and sugars, if that's not asking too much. This keto-friendly ingredient gives you exactly that and more with its rich monounsaturated fat feature that helps keep cholesterol in check. It is gluten-free and vegan-approved, with a low glycemic index yet high in protein. Almond flour also possesses a fair amount of soluble fibre, providing about 10 percent of one's ideal daily intake. While it works well with weight loss programs, here's a word of caution. Smoothies with almond flour can be so good that you might consume more than you should, resulting in excess pounds instead. Otherwise, it is a great smoothie powder add-in for weight watchers.

7. Cocoa Powder

What is cocoa powder?

What makes chocolate so irresistible? It’s the cocoa powder, which is no secret. Cocoa powder derives from the fat leftovers of cacao beans and tastes exactly like chocolate sans its usual creaminess due to the cocoa butter. Cacao was first grown in South America and brought to Europe by Spanish conquerors during the exploration age. Today, cacao is used in countless food applications, from chocolate bars to dessert smoothies and cakes, with up to 5 million tons consumed globally.

Why adding cocoa powder to your smoothies can be good for your body

You wonder if chocolates and health could be in one sentence. Some might not know that cocoa has a chockfull of benefits often offset negatively by added sugar. Regular chocolates comprise mostly sugars and have very little cacao to them, which makes them unhealthy. But on its own, it’s a wholesome ingredient.

Cocoa powder is naturally low in fat and sugar and even packed with phytonutrients such as polyphenols. Mixing it into your smoothies will not only give them a nice flavour, but will also lower your risk of heart disease. Cocoa powder can help you reduce weight by increasing your sense of fullness and regulating your metabolism.

8. Golden flaxseed meal

What is golden flaxseed meal?

Golden flaxseed meal comes from the same flax plant where brown flaxseed originates, the difference being their colour. In addition, golden flaxseed has a lighter buttery flavour with a slight sweetness, making it a great add-in for oatmeal, smoothies, and pastries.

Why you should have golden flaxseed meal in a healthy smoothie powder

Golden flaxseed meal has pretty much the same health benefits and nutrient allocation as its brown sibling, so you can’t go wrong choosing any of them. If at all, there is a slight difference in macros. Golden flaxseed has higher polyunsaturated fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acids (ALAs), and linoleic acids. In an obesity study, those subjected to ALA supplementation resulted in overall fat, body weight, and size reduction. While no one is considered better than the other, you will likely prefer the golden flaxseed, depending on your taste and target nutrients.

9. Hemp protein powder

What is hemp protein powder?

Protein powder is a supplement many athletes and bodybuilders rely on to help them increase muscle mass. Hemp, in particular, touts being a complete protein and is a popular choice among vegan consumers. Each seed contains 25 percent protein while being low in fat. It stems from cannabis but is processed without its psychoactive compound, THC, found in weed. Since time immemorial, hemp has been a vital source of medicine in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Hemp protein powder is made by grinding hemp seeds, which are also a great fibre source. It may be an acquired taste, but others appreciate its earthy flavour.

Why your smoothie will be better with hemp protein powder

With its similar amino acid profile as soy and egg whites, people who want to lower their meat intake will like it being a lean source of protein. It doesn’t have saturated fat, which is the kind that healthy eaters avoid and has all sorts of negative issues. You can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease while meeting your protein needs by mixing it in your smoothie, giving it a gritty texture. Moreover, hemp protein powder contains nine essential amino acids and is rich in lignanimides which are compounds with antioxidant properties.

10. Malt

What is malt?

Malt is a cereal grain product prepared through partial germination that allows for substance modification. This process has made it sweeter, resulting in a type of sugar called maltodextrin alongside enzymes that aid fermentation. As such, malt has become a main ingredient in liquor, vinegar, and baking products where fermentation occurs. It is primarily sourced in barley, although other cereal grains like wheat, rice, and rye can also be used.

Why malt would make a difference to your smoothie

You will often taste malt in beer and whiskey, but did you know that it works well with smoothies, too? Malt gives them that distinctive caramel-like flavour with hints of nuts and milk. Malt smoothies make for an excellent postworkout recovery drink that boosts happiness, thanks to its naturally occurring compound hordenine. It also raises energy levels and sharpens mental focus. Malt is also good for the gut since it is generous in soluble fibre that enhances digestion. Thus, weight-conscious customers can count on this powder to fill them up easily while increasing nutrient absorption.

Things to avoid in making a healthy smoothie

Adding sweet and carb-laden toppings can easily turn your smoothie from healthy to junk. We could not stress this enough. So if you’re using it as a weight management strategy, you must pay a little more attention to your smoothie powder add-ins.

Just say no to these extras and bad practices, and you’ll be more than fine:

Artificial sweeteners

Mistaken as healthier sugar options, agave, honey, stevia, and the like are things your healthy smoothie can do without. For one, a good smoothie powder blend already has a natural sweetener from organic alternatives like yacon root. And if you add some fruit, that too would already have sugar.

Opting for fruits that are inherently low in sugar, like berries, can satisfy a sweet tooth.

Fruit juice

Some would use store-bought “natural” fruit juice as a base for their smoothies, thinking it will complement its health benefits. That couldn’t be further from the truth because such liquids are infused with, you guessed it, sugars. If they claim to be unsweetened, check their ingredient list for any added sugars or sugar alternatives; they’re likely just as bad. Instead, go for natural coconut water, or kefir in place of yogurt, to keep your drink healthy and clean.

Meal pairing

A healthy smoothie would have balanced and hearty nutrients, making it a good meal replacement. That said, you would want to ditch your regular meal; you can’t have both at once. This is important when you are working on your weight loss. To help load up your smoothie without packing on the pounds, you can add some healthy nuts like almonds and unsalted pistachios for texture.

These smoothie powder add-ins will aid in satisfying your appetite much more quickly.

Cheap prices

This is not to say that affordable items are bad anyway and that everything expensive is good. However, a smoothie powder with high-quality ingredients that are ethically grown typically costs more compared to mass-produced filler products. These impact the health properties present in your smoothie. Instead of judging your smoothie powder by its price, go with the ones with superior components that ultimately bring more bang for your buck.

You should also note that quality is not a single characteristic like vegan or fat-free; it is the sum of all its good features. Nonetheless, it can also boil down to personal preference, importance, and purpose to determine what powders to add to smoothies will make more sense to you.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the healthiest powders to add to smoothies, there is one more bit of information for you. And that is, you can find all these superb ingredients in Yeppoonie Smoothie powder blends. Each has a nutritional value combining at least five healthy ingredients with complementary benefits. They are vegan, sourced locally & sustainably, and our Good Morning & Good Afternoon blends are 100 percent gluten-free.

What could be better than enjoying great-tasting smoothies that make you look and feel good inside and out?


So go ahead and have a fill of your deliciously healthy smoothie.


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