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Weight Loss Goals

by Jacinta Plazzer on December 08, 2022

If there is one thing inhibiting your weight loss and/or wellness journey, it may be you are setting the wrong goals. Could it be as simple…or as complicated as that? We have more access to information and healthy foods than ever before in history, yet many are struggling with maintaining a healthy weight.  Perhaps it’s because people are putting their focus on the wrong areas? Counting calories, weigh-ins, excessive exercise, restrictive diets and cutting out food groups are not effective in the long-term.

I started to think about what works for me. I've never struggled with losing weight, but then I have rarely undertaken any of those strategies either. I thought about the times in my life when I have lost weight, and it occurred to me it was goal driven.  But I have rarely had specific weight loss as my ultimate goal - and I can remember that time I did and it was a fail!

Imagine someone who decides they are going to shed the excess kilos. They also set themselves the goal of running a marathon. They register for the marathon and have six months to prepare.  Their focus is entirely on the marathon training plan. They don't think about kilos so much, more about getting out there and getting miles into their legs.  They need to be persistent and consistent if they are going to run this marathon. 

As they start training, their diet comes into focus and it is easier to say no to that larger serving or dessert.  They opt for a salad wrap and a smoothie for lunch instead of hot chips.  Whap happens to those extra kilos? They notice their clothes are loser and they feel more comfortable.  There is no need to check the scales, count calories or restrict themselves. All it takes is some tweaks here and there.

This is an example of setting a goal that is not specifically about weight loss, but weight loss will occur if you are persistent in chasing that goal.  Your goal doesn't have to be a marathon! I enjoy hiking so always have a challenging hike planned or a mountain to climb in a month or two down the track.  As I know I'm going to need to be in shape to get to the top of the mountain, it is constantly in the back of my mind and I devote a few times a week to climbing up hills around Yeppoon. It doesn't take long, but they're steep so it's beneficial!

This is why we send you a goal card with every purchase, we recommend you put a picture of your goal on it and stick it on the fridge. Visualisation is a powerful method of training your subconscious.  It doesn't take much effort to do this, just remember, energy flows where attention goes.


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