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Stella's Story

Stella is one our staff and she hails from China and is loving life in Yeppoon. She wrote a lovely story about her experience at Yeppoonie Smoothie which we are sharing here. 

Good Morning lovely community!!!

Yepoonie Smoothie has now opened their cafe and we’re so happy to share with you the beautiful garden, healthy plant based vegan menu, 100% natural smoothie powder, great plants from Jay J’s Plants, and a lot of love from our Yeppoonie Smoothie team.

As a backpacker I traveled to Yeppoon and three months of staying here I’m in love with this place and I’m so glad to have helped setting up a local smoothie bar! I’d like to share with you how the Yeppoonie Smoothie bar was built because it’s so fun! Our boss and lovely friend Jacinta has been working on making smoothie powder for years, which is so impressive to begin with because I’ve never seen such a great smoothie product on the market before.

We knew that she’s doing something amazing. With great passion for living a healthy life, she learned nutrition and health and sourced directly from farmers in Queensland to create seven different blends of Yeppoonie Smoothie. Then she wanted to have a smoothie bar, so here we are. We’re a team made of local healthy food lovers and backpackers from all over the world. We’re all hoping to help make a lovely garden for people to relax and a vegan place that serves really healthy food. Here are little pieces of how we set up the bar!! It’s such a fun job I have a whole album of the photos recording.

We’ve been doing gardening all the time. Every day we got new plants to put in the garden. Our vegan friends from Chile came up with the idea of making a compost and worm garden so that all vegetables and herbs in our garden are healthy and organic. And they contributed a lot to the menu because they’ve been having a vegan diet for ages and they have amazing recipes. It’s a healthy ecosystem with houses for bees and butterflies. Our Belgian friend Louis did most of the construction work which is so important. Our Aussie hippie friend Savanna who loves art and traveling did a lot of painting around the garden, you can find her little surprises everywhere. Our baker Mary impressed us with healthy but tasty snacks. I haven’t found many desserts not too sweet in Australia. I can’t stop stealing them from the fridge when she’s trying new desserts;) Then we have an lovely cooking team with an Italian chef Dario who did a lot of changes to make our kitchen so professional and efficient and they promise to come up with new specials in the near future. What’s on the menu? For detailed menu we have it here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0576/6037/5216/files/Yeppoonie_Smoothie_-_A4_Menu_MAR24_PRESS.pdf?v=1714994418 All the smoothie blends are with Jacinta’s self made powder. And you can choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to make your own smoothies and juice. We have açaí bowls made with seasonal fruits and a lot of love. We compared different açaí mixes and chose the one both healthy and delicious with approval from our Brazilian friend. For food we are have Mexican bowls, a tasty Thai mushroom rice noodle soup, and a lot of others. Mary should be proud of her peanut butter cups. And Coti will make her Scottish porridge and black bean brownies. Have you tried brownies but healthy ones?  In the garden we have comfortable hammocks, swings, kids’ mud kitchen, a fish pond with a crocodile and plenty of lovely plants, many of which are from Jay the plant lady and she has a lot of them on sale in the front yard!!!!! This place is really pets, kids, and plant lovers friendly. Can’t wait to meet you in our garden you won’t regret.