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East Trinity Cocoa Blend 900gm
East Trinity Cocoa Blend 900gm
East Trinity Cocoa Blend 900gm
East Trinity Cocoa Blend 900gm

East Trinity Cocoa Blend 900gm


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    This quintessential Yeppoonie Smoothie blend was also created for cafes, and can be used to create your very own cafe-style smoothie at home which is great for all the family.  The cocoa is grown on a family-owned cocoa farm at East Trinity, which is just near Cairns. 

    How does it taste?

    Essentially like cocoa with a flax element from the brown flax inclusion too. The cocoa is pure and not highly processed or inclusive of sugar or other elements. We really love the flavour of it.

    What does it do?

    100% natural cocoa is known to be energising and mood enhancing, it is also great for metabolism, and is an antioxidant, which is why it is great in the blends

    This is a nutritional smoothie blend which has great protein, low calorie, gut loving fibre, resistant starch and more. It also does not contain nuts, gluten, dairy or chemicals. 

    All the blends are made with organic ingredients where possible, which are 100% sourced from Australian farmers. The blends are all natural and contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, gums or stabilisers.  

    How to make?

    We enjoy a scoop of this with banana, raspberry, some beetroot and a spoon of kefir yoghurt for added gut benefits.
    Be creative and have fun with your blends, gone are the days of a ham sandwich for lunch, hello healthy smoothies!  Join the growing list of Yeppoonie Smoothie fans kicking their sugar cravings and afternoon slump for good!
    30g per serve gives you 30 serves. Add more or less to suit your needs...insider tip, most people use less powder in their smoothies and still get the full benefits. ;-)

    One thing about Yeppoonie Smoothie is that we take filling you up seriously.  Our powder makes smoothies that are luscious and thick. We encourage you to sip them slowly, don't gulp them down. 



    Faba Protein Powder, Pumpkin Seed Flour,  Green Banana Resistant Starch, Organic Brown Flaxseed Meal, Cocoa Powder.

    ALLERGEN: Manufactured in a peanut-free facility where gluten and walnut and almond are present.

    Nutritional Information

    (based on 30g serve):

    Energy 480 Kj / 114.6cal

    Protein 11.9g

    Fat - Total 3.5g (mono 1.1g, poly 1.2, Sat 1.1, trans <0.1g)

    Carbohydrate 5.79g

    Sugar 0.36g

    Sodium 54mg

    Dietary Fibre 6.3g



    Why is it different?

    No whey protein, stevia, gums, or other junk in our mix. A fabulous plant-based protein from the Wimmera in Victoria, Organic Brown flaxseed from nearby Hamilton in Vic, and Green banana Resistant Starch from Sunny QLD.



    We include a recipe card to get you started with blending ideas.  The powders are for blending in smoothies, smoothie bowls or your morning cereal. Great in porridge when it is cool!


    Any other tips?

    Blend our Good Afternoon smoothie powder with your preferred milk such as almond or soy. We love it with banana, cinnamon and ice! The one is also nice with raspberries, strawberries, banana and almond milk.

    Check-out our recipes page for ideas.